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High Gloss Glass Metallic Buttons

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Blank Glass Buttons You can Customize !

Now if you were in need of customizable glass metallic buttons , then this is your lucky day !

These buttons are simply HIGH GLOSS as you can clearly assess simply by looking at them . Now I have no idea who the creator is as I have had them in my collection a few months now and simply never bookmarked the site because I apparently must have been in a hurry to finish whatever I was working on at the time , however these are simply superb .

The best part is : They're Blank -which means : you can customize them in any which way you can imagine ! so : Go for yours !
They come in the PNG format you see above as well as : .ai , .eps , & .svg ! so , yes - you will have hours of fun customizing these to suit your various needs / projects .

  • You can get them by simply clicking the button below:

Enjoy your new Glass Metallic Buttons & stay tuned - more is coming your way :) Catch ya in cyberspace ~

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Grunge is Back !

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Grunge is Back w/ a Vengeance !

If you're designing a Website or simply your own personal Site / Blog page with a gritty edgy background & you were considering a nice header or some boxes to serve as a sidebar , then this set of beautiful dark Brushes may just be your ticket !

Grunge is in , and if you haven't noticed - apparently you are not looking in the right places or the highly stylized popular websites being put up nearly every hour on the hour .

I recently came across this lovely set of elegantly styled Brushes as I was looking for a Header for one of my own websites . These happened to have caught my eye in particular . Theyre Grungy , and simultaneously elegant . The set comes with the boxes you see above . The Author / Creator of these lovely brushes is a young artist over at Deviant Art and the artist / creator is Rebecca Callaway ( her info is also on the sample header above if you would like to check out any other work by her ) .

If youre creating a grunge based site/page or Blog , then you definitely need to pick these up .

  • You can get them by clicking the button below :

Enjoy & check back soon as more freebies are coming up :) Catch ya in cyberspace !

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Brilliantly Glossy Twitter Bubbles

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Beautiful Glossy Speech Bubbles

How beautiful are these ? They're simply Brilliantly Glossy & Huge !

If youre looking for a beautifully unique way to display your Twitter membership , or are looking to create a Twitter Status Widget , then check out this beautiful set .....

Twitter is apparently all the craze since it's launch , and the Twitter social media craze is at it's Zenith . There are hundreds of sites offering twitter backgrounds , twitter buttons and everything Twitter related . Well, here are now some of the most beautiful Twitter Icons to surely enhance your page . They are glossy , and they measure 512px -x-512px, they are huge yes, however you can resize them to your liking of course by simply setting the appropriate width & height parameters after you download them & upload them to your own image hosting service . The author / creator site is Ben Stock , a very talented Developer & Web designer ( if you care to visit his site ) .

You can download these beautiful Icons right here-->

Simply unzip the file , go to your Image hosting service , choose to upload all of the brilliant colored icons at once or choose the color of your choice. Now as far as putting your own Twitter user name on them you will simply need to download the Twitter Font which is called : Pico Font , and you can do so right here--->

Once you download the font & the Icons , and you would like to inscribe your Twitter user-name on them and you dont have PhotoShop or any other means by which to do so , you can simply use one of the Image Editors offered online for free . The best one for such a task is : My Theme Online Photo Editor . Once you upload the Icon of your choice , you can use the top drop down menu which will give you a wide list of editing tools by which to work with . Choose the Draw from the main Tab Menu & then choose Text from the sub menu . You will be taken to the text page , where you will choose the Upload feature so that you can upload your own Font . When you have done so, click on the Text tool again and you will be taken back to the editing page with your image / icon . Where you take it from there now is up to you , Happy Tweeting :) . Enjoy the Twitter buttons :) & Stay tuned , as more goodies are coming near you !

* I will be posting the Speech Bubbles which you see to your right on my sidebar , and I will tell you how you can create a Twitter Status Widget for your page as well , so stay tuned & Tweet tweet :)

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Apple E-Mail Stamp Icons

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Creative Apple Logo E-Mail Icons

These icons are exceptionally unique & displaying your Email has just gotten a bit more Creatively out of the Ordinary !

Displaying your E-mail has just gotten more creative wouldnt you say ? These Stamp Icons are one of a kind and believe me , I searched long and hard to find something like this . It beats having an old boring E-mail button that every other user out there in the vestiges of cyberspace has on their page . These Icons will definitely stand out and apart from everything else .

What is even better : They come with a PSD file which you can edit and customize if none of the 5 Icons included in this set do not suit your needs . Here are the stamps which you will find in the zip file ( I will display them in smaller format , as their original size is the one you see in the main title of Ol' Blue Eyes Himself : Frank Sinatra

And of course the PSD file ( which as you know I cant upload on Blogger -but you get the Picture : Its the stamp version with the logo except that there is no image in the frame . Which means : you can edit this by placing any image of your choice . In fact with the PSD at your disposal , you can keep creating all the Email stamps you can handle ! :) || * I do not know who the Author of this set is , as I had downloaded the set about several weeks ago and totally did not mark the site or anything , and now I cant recall where I got them from . :( However the Creator goes by the name of West End Girl 1984 if that helps ? and this is to whom credit is due for these beautiful icons . So, enjoy & thank West End Girl :)

If you simply love this set as much as I do , then you can .....

  • Get them by clicking the button below & Enjoy !

** I personally love the Frank Sinatra Icon - its awesome - hope you will enjoy using these as I enjoyed discovering them . Catch ya in cyberspace & stay tuned : More goodies for all your Social net needs coming up next :)

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Dark Beveled Social Icons

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Beautiful Dark Beveled Social Icons

These icons are truly gorgeous for any dark themed site / web page ...

Now these icons are truly beautiful & classy . They are as sleek as a brand new Cadillac , and if you have a dark themed Web page or Blog page , then these icons here will definitely enhance your page even moreso.
They come from these amazing guys over at Tutorial 9 Net and I am sure you will agree that they are simply stunning !

If this is what you have been looking for in a Social Icon Theme Pack , then this set is loaded with every social icon you have need for .

  • You can simply click the download button below- and Enjoy !

Hope you will like using these Icons & you can even stop by Tutorial 9 to see what else they are offering at the moment . Bookmark the site :) Enjoy your new sleek Icons & check back as I will post more new sets which you have definitely not seen before . Catch ya in cyberspace ( meaning : Right here ! :)

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