Friday, August 28, 2009

Grunge is Back !

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Grunge is Back w/ a Vengeance !

If you're designing a Website or simply your own personal Site / Blog page with a gritty edgy background & you were considering a nice header or some boxes to serve as a sidebar , then this set of beautiful dark Brushes may just be your ticket !

Grunge is in , and if you haven't noticed - apparently you are not looking in the right places or the highly stylized popular websites being put up nearly every hour on the hour .

I recently came across this lovely set of elegantly styled Brushes as I was looking for a Header for one of my own websites . These happened to have caught my eye in particular . Theyre Grungy , and simultaneously elegant . The set comes with the boxes you see above . The Author / Creator of these lovely brushes is a young artist over at Deviant Art and the artist / creator is Rebecca Callaway ( her info is also on the sample header above if you would like to check out any other work by her ) .

If youre creating a grunge based site/page or Blog , then you definitely need to pick these up .

  • You can get them by clicking the button below :

Enjoy & check back soon as more freebies are coming up :) Catch ya in cyberspace !


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