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WEB Fruits ! 1 & 2

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The Italian Job in Social Media Icon Sets

One thing I will say about anything that comes out of Rome [ Italy] : It always has style & character ! Then why should Social Icons be any different ? Behold some Web Fruits for your Blogging & Web site needs..

This beautiful set of Social media Icons comes from the very talented Web Designer & Graphic Artist Sonia Anapeta , from Italy. I had posted some more icons from Sonia on my other site if you care to check them out HERE. They are also exceptionally beautiful as well. I believe everything the Italians design is in a league of their own . However , I would like to bring these 2 sets to you for the time being as I think they are awesome -super-KOOL !

What makes these 2 sets different than any other social media Icons you may have seen out there is not only their shape - but the fact that Sonia has included ( created ) some Social Media Icons which you will not find in any other sets out there such as : Nobii, CoComment , Pownce , & Slideshare . Therefore , if you do belong to any of these Social Sites and had trouble finding the Social Icon to represent your membership - you can stop searching now , because this great Web Designer has created it all right here in these 2 beautiful sets .

Below are 2 examples of the size & look of the icons included in the 2 ( separate ) zip files . You will get 20 icons in total : 10 large & 10 small . They range in sizes of :156px W-x-52px H [ for the large ] and 94px W-x-46px H [ for the smaller sized ]. You will have plenty of choices on which size is more tailored to your page design & your liking. You can always resize them to your preferred dimensions as well by simply setting the parameters.

  • If you would like Set 1 , click the button below:

  • If you would like Set 2 , click the button below:

Or you can simply get them both & not have to make any choices :)

Hope you have enjoyed this post & stay tuned as more great Web Goodies will soon be coming up next . Smile & Enjoy your new Web Fruits :)

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Stunning Rectangular Social Icons

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A Different Twist
on Social Media

These Social Icons do certainly stand out & apart from all of the hum-drum regular squared icons out there , their rectangular shape & creative design sets them into a category unto themselves .

I love new & creative Designs & when I saw these I simply fell in love with their unique design & thought that all of you Bloggers would love them just as much .

The Designer/Creator of these awesome Icons is Edward de Leau and can be found @HERE.

The set contains 13 Icons in all - what you see on the header image is what is contained in the zip file.
Their dimensions are : 161px W-x-245px H, so yes they are BIG ! however you can resize them to suit your taste. The zip file also contains a PSD file which gives you plenty of Re-designing Freedom , please be advised however : If you are planning on revising these Icons , you must link back to their Original Author/Creator. Don't tamper with the original design and brand them your own ok ? That wont be very Kewl. Thank you :)

If you would like these beautiful Icons gracing your Web Page or Blog , simply :

  • Click on the download Button Below

I hope you have enjoyed this post & will enjoy these beautiful Icons . Stay tuned , more Unique Social Icons are heading your way . In the meantime : Smile :)

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Speech Bubbles !

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Glossy Colorful Speech Bubbles

If you have been looking for Speech Bubbles? Here are 3 High Gloss Speech Bubbles designed to suit any page or taste !

Speech Bubbles seem to be the latest craze [ following the Twitter craze ] . However, unless you're a Graphic artist , and are able to design your own , it's very difficult to find some nicely designed Speech Bubbles . Well, I recently stumbled on this great set of High Gloss Speech Bubbles for all of you Speech Bubble addicts out there !

There are a great many things which you can do with these - your only limitation is your imagination . As you can see , I have designed my very own Twitter Status Update Widget with my little Green Speech Bubble , and you can do the same with yours if you so wish to .

The zip folder comes with 6 Speech Bubbles [ in sizes :Small & Large ] all in .png extensions, and the colors are absolutely gorgeous : Blue ( depicted above ), Pink ( fuschia) , Green ( as in my Twitter Widget) .


The Designer behind this awesome set is Phillip Meichsner and can be found @ Curtive Article.

  • If you love these Speech Bubbles , click on the Download Button below & get them !

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Heart Your Site !

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Hearts = Love !

Love Hearts ? Who doesn't ? This next set of Heart Social Icons will make you Love your site all over again ...

Everyone loves hearts, and this cute little Social Media Icon set will make you love your site even more .
The set comes to us by the Design Super Hero , and I am certain you will Heart this set as much as I do.

The zip folder comes with 3 folders which contains 20 icons in each . Their sizes come in 16px, 32px & 64px sizes so you do have a wide range of options in which to display these . You can even use the 16px, as an Icon for your browser/page. The choice is yours . However , these are beautiful up close as you will see once you open the zip file . They are nice & glossy .

  • If you like these Icons , you can get them by clicking the download button below.

Hope you enjoyed this post . Enjoy your new heart Icons & stay tuned , more goodies are coming up. Smile :)

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Jeans Icons !

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Fabulous Jeans Icons Set

Do you Like your Jeans ? Well if you do, then you will absolutely love these beautifully done Jeans Social media Icons....

Everyone loves Jeans , they're comfy & classy enough to be worn w/ just about everything . Well, now we have Jeans Social media Icons which I am sure you will love just as much as those comfy jeans of yours . Slip into this beautiful set of Icons as I am ceratin they will definitely go on to enhance your page . If you have a Website or Blog page which has a dark blue or just Blue background , or even Beige , these will look absolutely stunning !

Their Creator/ Author can be found right HERE .

  • If you like these Beautiful Icons, you can get them by clicking the Download button below

Hope you have enjoyed this article , stay tuned as more Freebies are coming your way . Smile :)

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