Friday, August 28, 2009

Apple E-Mail Stamp Icons

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Creative Apple Logo E-Mail Icons

These icons are exceptionally unique & displaying your Email has just gotten a bit more Creatively out of the Ordinary !

Displaying your E-mail has just gotten more creative wouldnt you say ? These Stamp Icons are one of a kind and believe me , I searched long and hard to find something like this . It beats having an old boring E-mail button that every other user out there in the vestiges of cyberspace has on their page . These Icons will definitely stand out and apart from everything else .

What is even better : They come with a PSD file which you can edit and customize if none of the 5 Icons included in this set do not suit your needs . Here are the stamps which you will find in the zip file ( I will display them in smaller format , as their original size is the one you see in the main title of Ol' Blue Eyes Himself : Frank Sinatra

And of course the PSD file ( which as you know I cant upload on Blogger -but you get the Picture : Its the stamp version with the logo except that there is no image in the frame . Which means : you can edit this by placing any image of your choice . In fact with the PSD at your disposal , you can keep creating all the Email stamps you can handle ! :) || * I do not know who the Author of this set is , as I had downloaded the set about several weeks ago and totally did not mark the site or anything , and now I cant recall where I got them from . :( However the Creator goes by the name of West End Girl 1984 if that helps ? and this is to whom credit is due for these beautiful icons . So, enjoy & thank West End Girl :)

If you simply love this set as much as I do , then you can .....

  • Get them by clicking the button below & Enjoy !

** I personally love the Frank Sinatra Icon - its awesome - hope you will enjoy using these as I enjoyed discovering them . Catch ya in cyberspace & stay tuned : More goodies for all your Social net needs coming up next :)


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