Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jeans Icons !

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Fabulous Jeans Icons Set

Do you Like your Jeans ? Well if you do, then you will absolutely love these beautifully done Jeans Social media Icons....

Everyone loves Jeans , they're comfy & classy enough to be worn w/ just about everything . Well, now we have Jeans Social media Icons which I am sure you will love just as much as those comfy jeans of yours . Slip into this beautiful set of Icons as I am ceratin they will definitely go on to enhance your page . If you have a Website or Blog page which has a dark blue or just Blue background , or even Beige , these will look absolutely stunning !

Their Creator/ Author can be found right HERE .

  • If you like these Beautiful Icons, you can get them by clicking the Download button below

Hope you have enjoyed this article , stay tuned as more Freebies are coming your way . Smile :)


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