Sunday, August 30, 2009

WEB Fruits ! 1 & 2

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The Italian Job in Social Media Icon Sets

One thing I will say about anything that comes out of Rome [ Italy] : It always has style & character ! Then why should Social Icons be any different ? Behold some Web Fruits for your Blogging & Web site needs..

This beautiful set of Social media Icons comes from the very talented Web Designer & Graphic Artist Sonia Anapeta , from Italy. I had posted some more icons from Sonia on my other site if you care to check them out HERE. They are also exceptionally beautiful as well. I believe everything the Italians design is in a league of their own . However , I would like to bring these 2 sets to you for the time being as I think they are awesome -super-KOOL !

What makes these 2 sets different than any other social media Icons you may have seen out there is not only their shape - but the fact that Sonia has included ( created ) some Social Media Icons which you will not find in any other sets out there such as : Nobii, CoComment , Pownce , & Slideshare . Therefore , if you do belong to any of these Social Sites and had trouble finding the Social Icon to represent your membership - you can stop searching now , because this great Web Designer has created it all right here in these 2 beautiful sets .

Below are 2 examples of the size & look of the icons included in the 2 ( separate ) zip files . You will get 20 icons in total : 10 large & 10 small . They range in sizes of :156px W-x-52px H [ for the large ] and 94px W-x-46px H [ for the smaller sized ]. You will have plenty of choices on which size is more tailored to your page design & your liking. You can always resize them to your preferred dimensions as well by simply setting the parameters.

  • If you would like Set 1 , click the button below:

  • If you would like Set 2 , click the button below:

Or you can simply get them both & not have to make any choices :)

Hope you have enjoyed this post & stay tuned as more great Web Goodies will soon be coming up next . Smile & Enjoy your new Web Fruits :)


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